is working!


If you remember the original “Ultimate Survivalcraft” website, it got attacked by spambots so I took it down for over 3 months. The address was My new website, “Epic Survivalcraft” works a lot better, and isn’t attacked by spambots. I don’t know if anyone still goes to, but it now redirects to

Brand NEW SC site!


I have just purchased hosting and domain for a brand new Epic Survivalcraft Site! I’m really excited, because I finally have paid hosting that isn’t super limited, and I have a real domain –! Go ahead and check it out! This leaves me to a few things to talk about.

Since this is a brand new site, what features would you like to be added? Suggestions are appreciated. I’m already looking into adding a wiki, but it will likely look different from the site.

What would be a good way of raising money for the site? I have a whole year of hosting and domain paid, but how can I make money to renew hosting? Should I accept donations, run ads, or something else?

How can I bring more visitors to the site? I will be posting a link to the site on the official Survivalcraft forums soon after I tidy up a few things. But besides that, how can I attract more visitors?

Also, I’m considering adding new authors to my new blog. If you would like to be an author, then simply create an account on the site and let me know that you would like your account to be upgraded to author status.

Thanks for reading and checking the site out!

FREE hosting and FREE domain!


I haven’t actually written anything useful in a while, so I figured I’d write a post that some of you might find to be interesting. Did you know that you can make your own website with free hosting and free domain? And when I say free hosting, I don’t mean on your own server or on something like And when I say free domain, I don’t mean just a subdomain of another domain. I mean you can get your own web host to install scripts such as WordPress and phpBB, and a free top-level domain (.cf, .ga, .ml, and .tk).

Free Hosting

I’ve gone through a lot of free hosing services, and many of them didn’t work. But I did stumble across one that did work, but it won’t be the best hosting in the world being free. Byethost allows you to install many different scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, and phpBB with a limit of 1 GB of storage, 50 GB bandwidth, 10,000 hits, and limited CPU. They even offer a free subdomain. As long as your site isn’t really large or uses a lot of CPU, you should be fine. But if you need more, they have packages starting at $3.99 per month.

Free Domain

Freenom offers four free domain extensions: .cf, .ga, .ml, and .tk. You can register as many free domains as you need for up to 1 year at a time with unlimited free renewals. If you want to register it for up to 10 years, have full rights to your domain (for example, sell it to someone else), or a 1-3 character name, it will cost at least $6.99 per year per domain.

Why hosting and a domain?

A lot of reasons, actually. doesn’t allow you to use JavaScript, CSS, or any other web codes other than basic HTML. You are also not allowed to put ads on your site without an extremely expensive VIP or Enterprise package. It also costs $13 if you want to add a domain you already own to your own site. Having your own domain also looks more professional and makes typing your address quicker and easier.

However, there are disadvantages to free hosting. You are limited in bandwidth and CPU, and you only get 1 GB of storage. It is also a lot easier to use than installing WordPress on your own host, plus many more disadvantages.

If all you want is to blog and not worry about all the complicated stuff like CSS, Javascipt, forums, advertisements, domains, etc., than stick with But if you want something more than a simple blog or site, go with your own hosting and domain name.

If you have more questions, you can comment below, and I will probably either reply or make a new post about it. I may also do a video on free hosting and domains hopefully early November.



The audio adapter I ordered worked! I can finally record video without crappy audio. I made a quick video to show you what my videos would look like. I hope you like it and don’t find it really boring. Subscribe if you like ;-) My gaming channel is

The game I’m recording first is BlockWorld. I’m only playing the free version, so a lot of the features are locked. It’s a Windows 8.1/RT game available for $5.99 with additional in-game purchases.

Let me know what you think! Should I make more videos, or should I just stick with just blogging?

One last attempt for HQ audio


This is the final purchase I make to provide high quality audio for the gaming videos I hope to make soon. I ordered a USB audio adapter for my laptop. I’m certain that the problem is just the fact that my headset (which is plugged into a headset splitter) is plugged into one headset jack, so my laptop thinks my headset is just plain headphones. I’m hoping the audio adapter will make my laptop understand that there is a microphone port plugged in. It should arrive sometime before Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, I might make my first game some kind of Halloween themed game. I’m not sure what it will be yet, I’ll have to look. Suggestions are welcome, just make sure the game can run on low end laptops. And when I say low end, I mean maximum of 2GB RAM and Intel Celeron/Pentium dual core 2.13 GHz.

Also, the Bluetooth headset did work on my laptop, but the audio admittedly was pretty bad. While I probably won’t use it for making videos, I can’t say the money was wasted. The headset feels pretty useful when paired with my phone. I can give commands to my phone using the headset without having to touch my phone. This would be especially useful when driving, although I don’t know the legality of texting with your voice while driving.

Gaming Videos Postponed


I won’t be doing videos right now since my headset doesn’t work. I don’t know whether it’s my headset’s fault or the splitter’s fault, but I don’t think it’s my laptop’s fault because the headset works on my phone but had difficulties. It makes some kind of crackly noise that sounds a lot like wind is hitting the microphone.

I did order a cheap Bluetooth headset to see if it works on my laptop. If not, at least it will work on my phone. I should post an audio recording to show you just how bad the microphone is on my laptop.

I really hope it doesn’t come to having to record my voice on my phone separately from the video of the games I play on my laptop. I may just decide not to do videos with voice at all. We’ll just have to wait and see.

My headset should arrive by October 16. Maybe I can make videos shortly after. I hope it works, or I may have to stick with voiceless or crappy sounding videos.